Affiliate Program

The SentoWeb Affiliate Program is available to anyone who is interested in promoting our products to their audience.

Your affiliate ID will be saved in a 60 day cookie whenever someone visits our website using your affiliate link. You will earn affiliate commission for the first purchase of every referred customer, regardless of the product they end up buying.

As a SentoWeb affiliate you may earn up to 40% commission for every sale you refer. The more visitors you send to our website the higher your affiliate commission will be.

Name Commission Transaction Verification Period*
Low Volume Affiliate (<500) 30.00% 30 days
Medium Volume Affiliate (501-2000) 35.00% 25 days
High Volume Affiliate (2001+) 40.00% 20 days
Example: If a visitor you referred buys a Hosting License for Multihoster, your commission will be 9 USD.


Affiliates are paid out on the 15th of every month. The minimum payout is 25 USD.

Payment methods: PayPal, Wire Transfer ($200+)


Become a SentoWeb affiliate
* In order to ensure that the purchase is legitimate the affiliate commission is delayed up to 30 days.