Changes to Multihoster licensing

Ervin Czéczi
Dear Customers,

Although Multihoster is still a very young product it was welcomed by the majority of our customers and most MyBBForumhoster licensees decided to make use of the promotion to get their free Multihoster licensee. We have gotten a tremendous amount of feedback for which I would like to thank everyone.

In order to better accommodate for hosting providers we decided to introduce two licensing options:
"Software Vendor License", which is targeted at software vendors who require integration support. This option is slightly more expensive than the previous variant in order to ensure that we can provide adequate support. In addition software vendors will get access to exclusive software wiki resources regarding integration. This license costs $60.0 per application.
"Hosting Provider License", which is targeted at hosting providers who wish to use one of the existing software bridges. Since these customers don't require advanced support this option is cheaper than the one aimed at software vendors. This license costs $30.0 per website.

You can learn more about the benefits offered by each licensing option on Multihoster's licensing page.

We have also adjusted the price of the MyBB Software Bridge in anticipation for the upcoming software bridges.

Former MyBBForumhoster licensees have been moved to the Hosting Provider License since this has the same terms as their MyBBForumhoster license. Every license purchased after the release has been moved to Software Vendor Licensee and the accounts have been credited to make up for the price difference.

Ervin Czeczi

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