Refund Policy

The products offered on this website and on the Extension Marketplace are digital products. You are purchasing the non-exclusive right to use these products.
Orders qualify for a refund:
  • A refund request is sent within 14 days after cleared payment and the product wasn't downloaded, a partial refund will be given if the order contains multiple products and only certain items meet this criteria.
  • The product fails to operate properly on a server where the listed requirements are met and we are unable to fix the problem in reasonable time.
  • The product is retired within 60 days after purchase and we are unable to provide updates for at least a year.
Orders do not quality for a refund if:
  • The license was revoked due to abuse, not respecting our terms of service or the terms of the license.
  • The product was transferred to a different account.
  • The product is an extension associated with a license which was transferred to a different account.
You may request a refund by contacting us.